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What I love about Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S or “Dads of Great Students” are pretty familiar faces around many schools. Through a program sponsored through the National Institute of Fatherhood fathers, men are being encouraged to become involved daily in our schools to help “provide positive male role models for the students and to enhance school security”. According to their website, there are 3156 active programs in 46 states. ┬áThe reason why I bring them up today is that I think they are a great example of mobilizing the community to creatively meet needs which otherwise could go unmet.

In many cases, the hours donated to the school via the program can equate to another body or two in the school each day with a direct focus on working with students and helping in a broad range of capacities. Listening to students read, patrolling the school grounds, helping out in the lunch rooms and hanging out before school as kids are congregating are all activities that these men are involved with. Not only does it provide an additional cost-free resource to the schools it also creates bonds between parents, staff and students that otherwise may not be as strong. In addition, the pride of the students having their Dad’s, Grand-dads, Uncles and others on campus really is amazing.

If you have not had a chance to check out this program or inquired about it at your child’s school, you really should. It truly does make a difference for the students AND the schools. Its one thing to donate or participate in fundraisers, but a wholly different experience for both you and the students to get actively involved in the classrooms.

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